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  • Age:
  • 32
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  • I’ve got warm green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Rock
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  • None


Lewd ninja. Big Ass. Big Tits. Dating Sim. Mind Control. Big Boobs.


The basic actions part of the framework is coming along well, and should be ready for release soon.

An adult rpg

versions of the toolkit have been pay-to-develop, but the latest version 5. Characters are just as easy to add, and you can easily add conversation topics and scripted movement. In theory, these custom commands are very easily added with something ADRIFT calls tasks, which is simply an effect such as printed text, or changing variables triggered by the player typing some text.

The problem here is, what text? What seemed logical and plausible to the author, is not always apparent to the player; one of the most frustrating things when playing text-based games is knowing what to do, but not the correct syntax the game expects. To be fair, ADRIFT does have support for setting up synonyms to make this task easier for the player, but doing this properly can be quite complex so many new authors do not to this properly.

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In conclusion; ADRIFT is a very easy to get started in, but avoiding guess-the-verb problems can be troublesome at times. T is more of a programming language like C or Java in that you write source code, and compile it into a finished game.

The plus side is that everything can be customized. This customization includes the ability to add new commands, and things such as clothing and body parts, all of which is very useful for developing AIFs.

Even better, these can be developed by the technical-minded, and then distributed as libraries for use by story authors. There are several such libraries available, Gareth has a nice collection of libraries on his web.

In conclusion; T is very powerful, but the power comes at the cost of complexity which makes it harder to access for new authors. Development in I7 consists of writing source code like in T, but this code is based on natural english syntax. This makes it easy for new authors to get started, and focus on telling their story instead of wrangling with functionality.

The issue with writing AIF in I7 is that it has no inherent support for the basic AIF needs, such as sexual verbs, body parts and clothing. Extending the available commands and features is slightly more complicated than just writing a story, but similar to T libraries these can be developed into extensions for I7.

In conclusion; I believe Inform 7 to be a powerful development system that allows the author to focus on writing the story while still being very customizable, while leaving the workings of the AIF parts to extensions.

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The heavy focus on graphics adds a new dimension to development though, the need to secure graphics for all the locations characters and objects of the game. Twine is a development toolkit for creating interactive fiction, especially geared for the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure variety. Twine Twine is a development toolkit for creating interactive fiction, especially geared for the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure variety.

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The Sinner Game - porn game download Version: 0.


Warning: this game doesn't contain explicit content, but it does contain references to an older man lusting after an underage girl, which some may find disturbing.


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