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  • Years:
  • 26
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  • Bright blue eyes
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  • I am woman
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  • I like brandy
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  • Easy listening
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  • In my spare time I love doing puzzles


Top definition.


I like how your making all these close ended questions and answering them on behalf of all males. Men do not however, go oh I'm 30, better consider that girl down the hall who i would never have looked at because she's now a qualified physician.

The science of “alpha fucks beta bucks” (facts vs myths)

Yes I want to make money, and power. However, this is no way based on me wanting it to attract women, rather than increase my options on what i can do in life. The fact u say feminist are trying to help le me to believe your a male feminist who actually think feminism is about equality. It really isn't. It pushes alpha fucks beta ideal of fixing only women issues will somehow lead to equality. You kind of are putting women on a pedastal with your comment which oddly seem to have the underlying tone to excuse women while blaming men for everything.

And, what does the Red Pill think is the solution to this "problem"? Don't put women on a pedestal, or marry. Focus on things that makes you happy that doesn't require women. I just google search this link and they have entire section on how to treat your GF: www.

Nobody is equal. Fuck equality. Yes these problems men hae is created by them. It is a self fullfiling prophecy. Women problems are women problems. What is it that you don't like? You are fat, ugly, broke, hate women, and can't get laid?

Alpha fucks beta bucks will you marry her years porn videos

I am not talking about YOU I don't know you, but many of the Red Pill community is exaclty that They hate women and then wonder why women don't like them How is that surprising to them? They accuse women of cheating and always are fearful of being left,, Who wants to put up with that? Then they get dumped and go SEE?

No DUH. You want to talk about extremist feminazis then we can talk about poblem with women, but that is not the topic of conversation. Women at 30 don't go now I will consider the guy down the hall either, it is a process with steps and inner conflict and strangeness.

Men set alpha fucks beta parameters for society, not women. Well this seems like an endless loop discussion where I'm going to have to disagree with you on basically everything you just said. From what I read, that article sides with me entirely, I only skimmed through it but it seems to be anti red pill as much as I am.

What were you trying to prove, or did I miss something? The atricle also says Red Pillers are about woman hating. Yet still wanting to fuck them. I was referring to short snippet in article on redpill take on how to treat your girlfriend.

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Men set those standards too, if a woman calls out for sex she is a whore, or easy, or a slut. So they have to wait, and then become uninterested, then when they finally have a relationship and are married the man always wants sex, but the woman doesn't because she was conditioned not to Again, surprise surprise.

You should read the actual article. The article is actually a very good one, I read it all in detail now and I couldn't agree more, and I think if you take an honest look at it, you might agree. I hope you really do take the time to read it, it might be important, "going down the rabbit alpha fucks beta which ironically is a term I used when trying to help my friend get his head back on his shoulders when he dug too deep into the red pill is a harmful path to take. By the way, my friend has now had a girlfriend for 2 years and thanked me for getting him out of that nonsense, which he sees it as now too.

You have got to be fucking kidding! You actually discovered the answer to male female relationships.

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You're gonna be a billionaire. Go ahead make some money, or should I say make a buck.

You won't because that's nothing but intellectual bullshit! Mikeltdk Who are you referring to? And the "answer" to men women relationships? What do you mean by that? What was the question?

Mikeltdk Oh, ok Thanks for your wisdom. Mikeltdk I agree the whole Red Pill thing is bullshit, so I am glad there are others who get that. Don't be so quick, your rant was just as painful to read. I actually felt dumber after reading what both of you had to say. Alpha, beta, gamma are used in animal species to describe social hierarchy. Alpha - leaders Beta- second in command Gamma - followers.

Yeah I know what it's used in, but I find it pathetic when it's used to class us humans. We are more than just instincts. It's just a load of bullshit. Can't stand those bitchy red pill guys as much as I can't stand psycho femi-nazis.

Actually no.

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Humans still have primitive brain which subconsciously dictates our actions. The only thing that actually keeps human society in check is morality which is going out window these daysand basic social rules. If we didn't have this we would be nothing but animals. You can see this first hand in countries where there are little to no rules. Rape, pilleaging, killing, and so forth all run rampant. I agree with the lack of morals, people do become like animals.

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But that doesn't mean we are primitive as a whole. We are an intelligent species and aren't just driven by instinct. Not all women are after a mans money. I certainly am not. I'm engaged but I work and so does my fiance. We are both saving up for our wedding. I don't understand why there's so much hatred from both men and women, towards eachother.

We need to work together, not against eachother.

So when you think about it this is a very easy way for contraction of STD In fact every 1 in 3 college girl who has had 4 or more partner has an STD. WHen they approach their 30's they seek out guys who they aren't as physically attracted to, but have money, and are stable. Usually, these are the guys they would not have even considered a romantic interest. And if it is, how do you think men should feel about being only interested by women later in life for their money, and security priority no.

Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Metlahaed Explorer. Red pill is the worst. It is junk. Yes, women are attracted to attractive men. Are men not attracted to attractive women? Is that not what makes someone attractive, the fact that they are attractive?

How else would you have it? As you age, priorities change. Don't YOU want money and power? Sure you do, don't fucking lie to me.

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I like how your making all these close ended questions and answering them on behalf of all males.