O2Tvseries Arrow Season 4 Download All Episodes

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O2Tvseries Arrow Season 4 Download All Episodes- The series follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who claimed to have spent five years shipwrecked on Lian Yu, a mysterious island in the North China Sea, before returning home to Starling City (later renamed “Star City”) to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

In the fourth season, Oliver and Felicity try and start a new life in Ivy Town, but return to the city, now renamed Star City, when a terrorist group known as H.I.V.E., headed by the mystically enhanced Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), is attacking the city. Oliver resumes vigilantism under the new moniker of “Green Arrow”.

John discovers his brother Andy (Eugene Byrd) is alive and a H.I.V.E. soldier; Thea works with Oliver as “Speedy”, but with a violent temper; Laurel attempts to resurrect Sara using the Lazarus Pit; and Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) aids Felicity and the team. Oliver’s life as a vigilante and with Felicity are complicated by his mayoral run and the discovery of the existence of his son, William (Jack Moore).

Laurel dies in a fight with Damien, and Oliver discovers his plan to detonate nuclear weapons and rule the Earth’s remains. The season features flashbacks to Oliver’s fourth year since he was presumed dead, where Amanda Waller sends Oliver back to Lian Yu to infiltrate Shadowspire, where he meets John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and encounters a mystical idol used by Darhk in the present-day narrative.

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The series was renewed for its fourth season on January 2015, and filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that July and ended in April 2016. The season premiere received a positive critical response, however the season as a whole was received more negatively. The season averaged 2.9 million viewers each week. This season includes the second annual Arrowverse crossover with TV series The Flash, which served as an introduction to spin-off TV series Legends of Tomorrow. It also featured the first live-action appearance of Megalyn Echikunwoke as Vixen, from the eponymous animated web series, as well as an appearance by Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine from the NBC series Constantine. The season was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 30, 2016.


O2Tvseries Arrow Season 4 Download All Episodes

O2Tvseries Arrow Season 4

Arrow Season 4 Download

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