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Home Naked at home asstr,archives,sex archives. Naked at home Last autumn Jon got a phone call from the police about his sister and her family. They lived about miles away from us. Anyway, the family mother, father, 16 year old boy and Kelly who was 14 had been on holiday in Asia. They had been on a small ferry when a bad storm had turned the ferry over and most of the people had drowned.

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Kelly was the only family survivor. As Jon was the only family that Kelly knew about she had given the local police his name and the English police had traced him. Neither Jon nor I can recall the disaster being in the UK news. Jon dropped everything and flew out there. About a week later Jon and Kelly arrived back at our home. The poor girl understandably was devastated.

Jon had phoned me on the way from the airport and warned me that they were on the way so that I could put a dress on. For the first couple of weeks Kelly spent most of the time in her bedroom crying, or in our bed, seeking comfort not physical. It took a couple of weeks for Kelly to start to settle into her new home, then came the trauma of having to go back to her old home to collect her belongings.

Jon took care of everything else, only involving Kelly when absolutely necessary. About a week or so later Jon decided that it was time for Kelly to go back to school. He picked that school asstr home a of reasons, one of which is that the girls have to wear skirts. Trousers are not allowed. We had asstr home get Kelly used to us being naked at home so we started going down for breakfast naked and then not getting dressed until later and later each morning.

Kelly was a little surprised the first time she saw Jon naked. As I mentioned earlier, Kelly is only 14 and there is no way that either Jon or myself are going to force, or persuade her to do anything to do with nudity or sex. Nothing will happen unless she really wants it to happen.

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I told her that I never wear underwear and the conversation moved on to my short skirts and men being able to see up them to my naked pussy. She said that no one would want to look at her body, so I spent the next 10 minutes convincing her that she has a beautiful body that she should not be ashamed of it and should be proud of it.

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When Jon got home from work I told him about our conversation and he too spent some time convincing her that she is beautiful. For the record, Kelly is 5 foot nothing with a 34A figure and long, light brown hair. Kelly must have listened asstr home what we told her about her beauty because a week or so after that day both Jon and me noticed that she started taking more pride in her appearance, and she stopped always trying to hide any bit of flesh that got exposed.

She also bought some make-up the next time we went into town. I remember hearing Jon commenting on her hairy pubes. A few days asstr home that she asked me to get her a razor and the pubic hair disappeared soon after. By that time I was back to spending just about all my time at home naked, and after Kelly came downstairs to watch some television naked one evening, Jon went back to being naked most of the time as well. I remember the first time that Jon got a hard-on when Kelly was on the sofa watching television. She pretended not to be looking at him, but I could see her eyes keep changing direction.

Her little nipples went all hard as well. Life went on relatively normal for the next couple of months. Kelly settled in at her new school and started making new friends.

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After Kelly had been with us about 4 or 5 weeks Bridie came to see us. It was before Kelly was used to seeing us, and being naked at home so Bridie kept her dress on. Bridie stayed the night and the next morning Kelly had seen her coming out of our room. Kelly has quite a few new school friends and has been on a couple of sleepovers. Jon and I had been talking about having a Toga for quite a while and we got the opportunity when Kelly got invited to a sleepover on New Years Eve. The arrangements for the party were a bit rushed, but ended up quite well.

She caught us having sex one evening. We were watching television and thought that she was asleep in bed. Jon had a hard-on and I was going up and down on his lap when the door opened and Kelly walked in. Kelly watched me have an orgasm as Jon shot his load in to me. She said that she was getting randy more and more and needed to do something about it. I asked her asstr home she wanted to have asstr home sex with a man or a woman. Jon explained that she was experiencing what just about every teenage girl does, and that she should not rush things.

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Jon also got her to promise to be open about everything, to discuss her feelings with us. I wish that my parents had been so open and helpful.

Asstr home

Apart from the night of the Toga party, the punishment room had been locked since Kelly arrived. Kelly had asked about it and Jon had told her that it was all to do with his job which she seemed to accept. Shortly after our discussion about sex, Jon decided that it was time that Kelly knew all about what was in that room. One Saturday morning, before we had got dressed, Jon explained to Kelly what was in the punishment room asstr home asked her if she wanted to look in there.

Jon explained how everything worked as Kelly stood here with her mouth wide open.

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Her rock hard little nipples told me that she was excited. Jon told her to let us know if she wanted to see any of the equipment in action, or even try-out any of it. Before she had a chance to answer, Jon ushered us out of the room and locked it. At the end of February I caught some sort of flu type bug and Jon sent me to the villa in Spain for a week in the sun to help my recovery. I was real proud of Kelly because she managed to look after herself and Jon quite well.

As the weather started improving slightly, Kelly started going to school without a coat and her skirts started getting shorter rolled at the top. She told me that a lot of asstr home girls at school are having a competition to see who can wear their skirt the shortest without getting into trouble.

Asstr home

She told me that some of the girls have stopped wearing knickers and that she was thinking of doing the same. I asked her if she was going to and she said that she might. I left it at that. One day Kelly started getting a bit cheeky with Jon.

He just absorbed it for quite a while, but for some reason teenagers she kept pushing him. Finally Jon lost his patience and pulled her over his lap. Five good slaps on her bare bottom soon brought her back to reality.

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Amid the tears she apologised to Jon, and within an hour she was back to normal. Later, when just she and I were in the kitchen, she asstr home to me as well. I asked her what she felt when she was getting spanked. I reminded her that it was entirely up to her. Jon and I would not put any pressure on her and that we both still respected and loved her, whatever and whenever she decided.

Easter in Spain A couple of weeks before Easter, Jon decided that it would be a good idea for the 3 of us to go to the villa in Spain for Easter. The next weekend Kelly and I hit the shops. Okay, I made a few suggestions as to what looked good on her, but Kelly chose all the clothes that we bought.

We had a bit of fun in the shops that had curtains for doors to the changing cubicles. I kept forgetting to close the curtain properly.

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