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BOO MADEA HALLOWEEN 2 DOWNLOAD- After school on Tiffany’s 18th birthday, she and her friend Gabriella encounter Tiffany’s dad Brian and brother B.J. outside the school. Tiffany’s mom, Brian’s ex-wife Debrah, arrives with her new husband Calvin, and they surprise Tiffany with the car she wanted (and hoped her father would give her). She and Gabriella drive it recklessly to the frat house from the first film, where they hear that Jonathan and the others are having a Halloween party at Lake Derrick. She hopes to make it up to them for ruining the previous year’s party.

Brian finds Madea, Joe, Bam, and Hattie at his house to surprise Tiffany. She tells her friend Leah about the party and asks her mom if she can go. She says yes to upset Brian, but he agrees so that he can teach her a lesson. Tiffany rounds up Gabriella, Leah, and Anna (a girl who’s stalking Horse) and they arrive at Lake Derrick in her new car. The frat boys meet up and have fun with the girls until some of them disappear after seeing “Derrick”, his brother, and his daughters.

Madea overhears Tiffany’s conversation about the party and gets her friends to go with her to Lake Derrick to get Tiffany. On the way, Madea accidentally hits one of “Derrick’s” daughters with her car when she mysteriously appears on the road. Madea, Bam, and Hattie check on the girl, who pulls her hair and shows her scarred-up face to everybody. The ladies run back to the car; the girl appears on top of the car, scaring everyone again, and Joe immediately drives away.

Back at Lake Derrick, Tiffany, Gabriella, Leah, and the remaining frat boys are at the campfire discussing the murders that happened in the area but Gabriella doesn’t want to hear this and insists on leaving. They soon realize that some people from the party are missing, so Horse and Leah agree to look for them, but they actually want to get away to have sex. “Derrick” and his family chase them into the woods, with Horse getting caught and presumably killed. Leah runs out of the forest and sees Madea and the gang, deciding to wait with them until Bam sees a “grim reaper” figure standing in the middle of the road. Though Madea initially thinks it’s a prank, the figure slashes one of the Cadillac’s tires, but Joe continues to drive it anyway


Gabriella reluctantly seeks safety in a tent with Dino, a frat brother who had been flirting with her all night, but they discover “Derrick” and his daughters outside the tent. In another tent, Tiffany hooks up with Jonathan until “Derrick” tears down the tent. Tiffany, Gabriella, Jonathan, and Dino escape from the camp after Tiffany tries unsuccessfully to call her mom. Madea’s group finally arrives at Lake Derrick, but “Derrick’s” daughter arrives again to cause havoc at the now abandoned camp.

At the police station, Debrah and Calvin desperately ask the sheriff to check for Tiffany at Lake Derrick but Brian says he will go look for her with Gabriella’s dad. Madea’s car stops in front of an old broken-down house, where the little girl scares everyone out of the house again. Brian and Victor are waiting for them – they had been pranking them for lying and sneaking out, and for Debrah to learn to co-parent. Debrah agrees, and the people who were “killed” are safely at the police station. However, the masked chainsaw killer at the outhouse was not part of the prank; he is the actual Derrick. When Brian and Victor realize this, they drive away from the camp. Joe asks Derrick if he can help him kill Madea and he nods in response.




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