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Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Home Help Register. s: Author Topic: Giantess girl fetish Read times. Kathy Spy interrupted Kathy is a spy and she is breaking into the lab and shrinks one guard and crushes him under her boot then she shrinks another and crushes him with her hand.

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The director of the lab confronts her giantess rapidgator she shrinks him as well but instead of him she takes him home and makes him her boot and foot slave. The following users thanked this post: Raiden He clings to the bars when she reaches in and pulls him out, but she easily overpowers his tiny form. She teases him, tastes him on her giant tongue, and toys with him before eventually putting the tiny man in her giant mouth and swallowing him whole.

Your Cruel Roommate Your giantess roommate is a bitch! She uses you as she pleases and doesn't care about the damage she causes. Your little friends don't stand a chance against her wrath when she's found out about their attempts to rescue you!

Weebuvr - siterip

Be prepared for what she has planned for you all Double Trouble! She's fed up with the school she teaches at, so she decides to shrink it with the little brats still inside!

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She knocks it giantess rapidgator a little bit for starting to put her giant weight on it! GIANTESS BE can't stand puny frail woman such as these, with pathetically frail bodies, so skinny and weak that they would probably disintegrate after she rolled them around in her hand Giantess Mommy MoRina It's not so much that I am a giantess, it's that you, my son, have shrunken down to teeny tiny! Now you are panty drawer butler-sized! Lots of scenes in this nice long story-line video!! Holding him in her hand, the giantess mother realizes that she has no choice but to end him or he'll have to suffer a terrible end.

So before each end, have her be really loving and caring: giving lots of cleavage hugs, kisses, and pats as she goes over the way she has chosen to get rid of him Nikki laughs and asks if you know what that really means. The girls giggle and blow you a You ask if they put anything in your drink, and they tell you they would never do that.

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Nikki and Sydney show off their sexy titties, and show you how big they are to you, now. The girls blow you anotherand you shrink even further. They show off their gorgeous asses, and drop their panties.

Gtsx3d – my giantess girlfriend

Sydney and Nikki laugh about how small you are, and how there is no turning back. You wanted to be their sex toy - and now you're the size of one! I was not impressed and I have been thinking of the best way to punish you ever since. As you now stand in front of me, looking up at my giant stature towering over you, I explain how I have found the perfect punishment.

I am wearing my little gym outfit complete with white ankle socks and white pumps, and I have been wearing these same socks and pumps all day. They are very warm and sweaty and I explain how I will be slipping off my pumps and lowering my warm socked feet down on top of your tiny body. You will feel the power of my socked foot; you will feel just how easily I could flatten you underneath if the mood took me. You will feel my foot sweat encase you and possibly even breath it in so much it finishes you off. If you survive this torment I will remove my sock and put you deep inside which I have no doubt will be the ultimate punishment for such a little shrunken sock pervert.

Keri and Megan Lunch Break 2 giantesses basic clip eating tinies and some crush clip tiny people on floor and some on the giantess rapidgator table. Kylie Jacobs - g0ddess Kylie Professor of Crush I humiliate you and giantess rapidgator down on you while telling you to jerk off your now tiny little penis. After a couple minutes, I place you one tiny person down on the glass, apply the pressure beneath my soles on you, and stomp on you repeatedly.

I have ended all of his classmates, and you are probably wondering how you are still alive. After all, you remember me crushing you to darkness. You see, I gave you a special dose of magic which allows you to be crushed to darkness and come back to life over and over again!

I will place you in my shoe for the rest of my giantess rapidgator, and I will crush you repeatedly during lectures! I hope you enjoy your life as my new insole for the rest of your life! I think we're close to a breakthrough, but I don't know, that my colleagues, have already shrunken themselves by accident and managed somehow to climb in my handbag.

They thought, I would help them, but I'm going to have my fun with them. I'm a mean giantess.

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First I don't notice them, so they run through my living room and try to get my attention. I crush some of them unaware with my platform sandals, until I find them. But I don't stop there. Unaware Giantess turns aware I crush a few more, while dancing and some get squished selective.

Weebuvr - siterip

Then I sit down and bury a few of the little guys under giantess rapidgator enormous ass. I decide to put my sandals off to squish two guys under my big toe. Then I change my sandals. I want to know, how unbreakable their shrunken bodies are. So I do some toe tapping within my sandal, with a tiny man under my stinky toe, who gets squished a bit more every time I tap with my smelly toes on the sandal. Explicit and violent crush scene! This makes me so hot, that I want to do it a second time with another tiny man.

Some more of my colleagues get squished under my sandals and their tiny collegues have to watch, unable to help. Another guy gets grinded into dust between my sensitive finger tips.

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I take a bunch of my shrunken colleagues and put them on a chair for an appreciative butt crush. They become red stains on my butt. Only one survives this and gets thrown into my panties to pleasure me. I bring myself off, when he gets squished in it.

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That was indeed a smashing company excursion to my home and the most humiliating and cruel clip I did giantess rapidgator far. I hope you enjoy! This clip contains platform sandal crushes, flat sandal crushes, barefoot crushes, butt crushes, finger crush, panty entrapment. Get it now! Kylee Nash - Muscular Giantess Finds Little Man A giantess is eating in her kitchen when she looks down to a sight so strange she's not sure at first what she's seeing - could that really be a tiny little man walking around on the kitchen floor?!

She leans down to examine the mini man. Amazed at their size difference, she shows off her giant body, flexing her huge, hard muscles.

Gtsx3d – my giantess girlfriend

The giantess encourages the little man to explore her body by climbing on her biceps and boobs. I couldn't believe any shrunken man would be so stupid, what a risk to take. You would be flattened when I slide my shoe on, unaware a little man had set up home in there. Never the less you thought it a good idea.

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You have picked my favourite red high heels that I wear them a lot, so surely it is even more dangerous?! Although is it because I wear them a lot that you choose them?! Now I have found you in there you will have to be punished, so I make you feel my big foot press down on you. I then shove you deep into my shoe and explain you will stay in there until I next wear them and the next time I do you will be flattened to on the tip of my pretty toes!

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Jordana had allot fun taking over the city. KittyVickie6 - Giantess Vickie6 and her Shrunken Men This was originally a custom, I get to really use my imagination and acting skills :p I'm getting ready to cam when a girl I met at the strip club Lisa stopped by, she told me that she was working and a group of guys she knew from her college were treating her badly, yelling, tipping her in dimes. She had enough and went to the dressing room and came back with a bottle of some kind of magical dust.

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