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Reclamation is a photo project seeking to reclaim fraternity spaces, ones that have been marked as dangerous for certain members of the Wesleyan community, though a reversal of both role and gaze. Karmenife is clad in dominatrix gear to ify a certain power and ownership of her sexuality and positioning, as women who exercise power and confidence in their sexuality are routinely demonized both within and outside of the fraternity [i. In this photographic endeavor, we hope to open up a line of discussion, of healing, of rigorous and generative critique. We are well aware of how members of the fraternity community might react to these pictures.


Your Overhaul series is my guilty pleasure, they always make me blush so hard!

Hope it's not too overwhelming but can you do a scenario where Overhaul's client is a pretty woman and reader feels threatened so she takes her cockwarming duties a little too competitively Summary : Overhaul invites fellow yakuza head, Cherry Hisu, to the compound. Warning : Cockwarming, delusional thinking, exhibitionism, jealousy, manipulation, oral sex, sex slavery?

Back in your younger years, you could have watched women and men alike flirt with your partner without much concern. You had never gone out of your way to be petty or vindictive or suspicious unless there had been reason to do so. That was why, when the gorgeous head of a neighbouring yakuza organization requested an audience with your master, you had been confused about the pang in your heart. The meeting made sense. Of course Overhaul would want to get along with others in his field.

Perhaps it had simply been the way he had spoken about her. Chisaki had barely risen his gaze to meet his friend. Instead, he had been content to simply hold your head in place as he gave a few thrusts into your salivating mouth, continuing on with his paperwork. His masked accomplice had nodded. This was a crucial component. If those seeking a rendezvous with him wanted to meet elsewhere, there were more preparations to be made on his end.

His safety would need to be guaranteed to the utmost degree. His comment had disturbed you. The second thought pertained to your duties. You had no right to be upset at the company your master took; you were nothing more than a pleasure hole. If he wanted to fuck other women, then there was nothing you could do to stop him. You would simply grit your teeth and bear it. You would simply allow him between your legs as he willed it, and serve him as you always had. The thought of the neighbouring yakuza head had plagued your mind for many nights since word of her appearance at the compound.

The slashiest (18+) — your overhaul series is my guilty pleasure, they

To give you away would be worse than death, in your misguided eyes. You had been shocked when he called for your presence. Chronostasis had arrived at your door in the evening, ready to escort you. You should have been elated, but… you had been frightened. Adorned in his usual garb, Chrono had peered inside your bedroom with judgmental orbs. Behind his mask, his face had been wrinkled in agitation. You were living better than most of his men, and it was solely because you spread your legs for his boss. Shaking his head, he waved a hand for you to follow him when you were ready. You had dressed yourself swiftly, treading into the hallway like a skittish mouse.

This popular tumblr teaches men how to pleasure women…the right way

Because of course you did by now. The jealousy you felt — if you could even call it that, given your relationship with Chisaki — had to be set aside. Whatever happened, happened. When you finally reached the meeting room, you knocked promptly. Your heart was racing at the prospect of being naked near another woman. Your cheeks burned at the thought, in fact. This was someone who shared the same gender identity as you.

You pushed your anxiety down to adorn your usual, emotionless face. He would be displeased with you if you faltered. The doors opened and you were welcomed in. Instantly, his medallion eyes locked onto yours. You heard Chrono lock up behind you just as soon as you were through. You smiled softly when you reached his side. You needed to show her how good, submissive girls ought to act around men like him. Your gaze traveled to her face before you bowed respectfully.

She was beautiful. Her skin was dark and flawless, and her lips plump. The pink lipstick only made her mouth pop more, making it look as though she was constantly pouting. This was absolutely part of her charm. Overhaul had been correct to deem that she was easy on the eyes. You felt your cheeks heat up at the thought of such a gorgeous woman watching you please your master.

Her dark eyes roamed your body, taking in your breasts, stomach, pussy, and hips. She was appraising you differently than when men appraised you. Under her scrutiny, you felt vulnerable.

Sexual pleasure

You felt out of place. Overhaul hummed in response before tapping you on the backside once more. You moved with expert precision, knowing exactly what he wanted from you. Dropping to your knees, you placed your eager hands on his belt and looked up at him sincerely. Cherry grimaced at the scene unfolding in front of her. It was unlike any meeting she had ever attended. Other leaders had brought their wives around to flaunt their status.

This man?

Well, this man had elected to bring out professional cocksleeve to polish him off as he worked. She swallowed thickly. This would be a long outing.

Precum painted your throat, the tip leaking directly down your throat the more your muscles contracted. Your tongue danced around the underside of his dick, massaging the flesh a little harder than usual. Overhaul had to stop himself from grunting mid-sentence at how aggressive you were licking him.

It felt too good. It was making him want to fuck your mouth. This meant that she was insecure. As such, she was no threat to his dominance. He leaned down and grabbed a fistful of your hair, gloved hand trembling. This was an implicit al for you to ease up. When he spoke this way, someone usually died.

Not you, though — never you. Cherry witnessed the event with passive eyes.

The slashiest (18+) — your overhaul series is my guilty pleasure, they

There was no disgust on her visage, either, however. She was almost as unreadable as Chisaki. Perhaps composure merely came with inheriting a lethal organization. The beauty gestured to you, on your knees, with his cock between your lips. The Hassaikai boss scoffed, moving forward in his seat. You nearly choked. With intense eyes, he regarded the young lady before him callously.

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And of course this is no easy feat in the middle of said pandemic.


I just discovered SOP yesterday after googling ethical porn and I loved it straight away, so I made my own.


It feels great.


I start by fingering myself slowly, rubbing my clit in torturous circles as I get myself nice and worked up and very wet.