Jane The Virgin Characters, Cast And CW

Jane The Virgin Characters, cast
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In this article we shall write about Jane the Virgin characters, cast and Jane The Virgin cw. It enlist all the characters or cast involved in making Jane the virgin a worth while Tv series to watch.

The daughter of a teen mother, Jane Villanueva grew up determined not to repeat her mom’s mistakes. At 23, her life is on track; Jane is studying to be a teacher and engaged to a handsome detective who supports her decision to remain a virgin until marriage.

Then a routine clinic visit flips her life upside down. Inseminated by a specimen meant for a patient in the next room, now-pregnant Jane is in a situation made only more insane when she learns that the sperm donor is her boss, Rafael. As her meticulously planned life gets more like the telenovelas she loves, she faces a lot of complicated decisions about where to go from here.

Jane The Virgin Character | Jane The Virgin Cast

Below are Jane the virgin characters in all seasons:

Jane Villanueva

Jane Gloriana Villanueva (portrayed by Gina Rodriguez) is a devoted Catholic who made a vow to her grandmother, Alba, to not give up her virginity until marriage. Years later she finds herself in a committed relationship with a detective, Michael Cordero, and the two plan to get married. However, Jane finds herself accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man who she once shared a passionate kiss with a few summers prior.

This man, Rafael Solano, also happens to be the owner of the hotel that Jane works at. Jane’s relationship with Michael begins to deteriorate and she grows closer to Rafael as the pregnancy goes on. The two soon enter into a relationship, but split shortly before the baby is born. Jane also becomes acquainted with her father, telenovela star, Rogelio De La Vega, who had been kept in the dark about her existence by Jane’s mother, Xiomara. Jane gives birth to a son whom she and Rafael name Mateo.

As Jane adjusts to life with a newborn, she decides to put her plans of becoming a teacher aside and pursue her dream of writing. Meanwhile, Rafael and Michael both try to win her back. She chooses neither for a while and enters into a brief relationship with her mentor, Jonathan Chavez. Jane also attempts building a friendship with Rafael’s ex-wife and other baby mama, Petra, as the two will now forever be a part of each other’s lives. Jane and Michael get married, with Rafael deciding to not confess his undying love for Jane. Just before the couple plans to have sex, Michael gets shot.


Xiomara Villanueva

Xiomara Gloriana Villanueva (portrayed by Andrea Navedo) is Jane’s laid back mother, and Alba’s daughter. Unlike her mother and daughter, Xiomara is accustomed to looser morals, losing her virginity at a young age and having Jane at 17. She and Jane’s father, Rogelio De La Vega, were high school sweethearts until he moved away and she chose to not tell him about the pregnancy.

For years it was just herself, Jane, and Alba, but one day she learned Rogelio had become a famous telenovela star, and so she finally reaches out to him. Xiomara keeps Rogelio a secret from Jane at first, but eventually he’s allowed into his daughter’s life and the two begin to bond.

In the meantime, Xiomara and Rogelio start to have feelings for one another again, and they have an on and off relationship throughout the first two seasons of the show.

After Alba is pushed down the stairs and put in the hospital, Xiomara makes a vow to God to not have sex again until she’s married, which Alba wakes up early to hear, and so she pretends otherwise. Xiomara is eventually released from this vow.

Xiomara aspires to be a singer, and so she usually performs shows at different night clubs. In the first season’s finale, Rogelio brings Xiomara with him to perform in Las Vegas, but they have to go back early for the birth of Jane’s son, Mateo. Before this, however, the two get drunkenly married.

The marriage is soon annulled, though Xiomara continues to pursue her relationship with Rogelio anyway. She’s supportive of Jane as a new mother, but her relationship with Rogelio begins to deteriorate when they themselves discuss the possibility of having more kids. While Rogelio wants a baby, having missed out on the first twenty years of Jane’s life, Xiomara has no desire. Though Rogelio agrees to give up the dream at first, Xiomara breaks up with him, refusing to be the reason he can’t have children. The two remain on good terms after this, but Xiomara ends up having a casual relationship with Rogelio’s costar Esteban. In the season finale, Xiomara and Rogelio share a dance at Jane’s wedding to Michael, but afterwards she takes a pregnancy test and learns that she’s pregnant with Esteban’s child.

Midway through the fourth season, Xo is diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, however fights through it and eventually becomes cancer-free in the fifth season. This inspires her to enroll into nursing school to become a nurse, and in the series finale, moves with Rogelio to New York…….


Rafael Solano

Rafael Solano (portrayed by Justin Baldoni) is former playboy and owner of the Marbella. After a few good years of marriage to Petra, a miscarriage and cancer take a toll, and the couple begins to fall apart. With Rafael plotting to leave her, Petra decides to artificially inseminate herself with his sperm sample, only for his sister, Luisa, to accidentally inseminate the wrong woman.

This woman happens to be Jane Villanueva, a girl with whom he shared a passionate kiss with years before and never called back. Rafael breaks things off with Petra once learning she had an affair with his now supposedly deceased best friend, Roman Zazo, and he and Jane pursue a relationship when she and her fiancé Michael break up.

Things start out well enough for Jane and Rafael, but the relationship starts to fall apart as Rafael’s life begins to unravel. The two remain on good terms though, and welcome their newborn son into the world in the season finale. Meanwhile, Petra learns that Rafael has another sperm sample which she steals for herself, and Rafael’s son, Mateo, is kidnapped by his stepmother Rose/crime lord Sin Rostro.

Rafael works with Jane and Michael to rescue Mateo, and he and Jane embrace co-parenting their newborn. Meanwhile, Rafael also learns that Petra’s pregnant as well, thus forever intertwining their lives. Rafael supports both women, though his hopes of rebuilding a romantic relationship with Jane fall through when she learns he got Michael fired.

Rafael helps Petra when she gets in trouble with the law, helping her mother cover up a murder, and remains by her side throughout the rest of her pregnancy. In the fourteenth episode of the second season, the two welcome twin daughters Anna and Elsa Solano. Rafael struggles with family drama as well though, for he learns that his mother is Rose’s rival, a crime lord by the name of Mutter………


Alba Villanueva

Alba Gloriana Villanueva (portrayed by Ivonne Coll) is the deeply religious mother of Xiomara’s and grandmother of Jane. Emigrating from Venezuela at a young age, she and her husband Mateo established lives for themselves and the generations to come.

When Jane is ten years old, Alba makes her vow to save herself until marriage, a vow that Jane keeps. Alba often acts as the voice of reason in the Villanueva household, recognized as wise and looked up to as such. She supports Jane when she finds herself accidentally artificially inseminated, and makes it no secret that she supports Jane being with Rafael.

However, she’s very accepting of Michael during the time Jane is with him. Alba does not always get along with Xiomara due to her loose morals, but at the end of the day the mother and daughter find themselves making amends, with or without Jane’s help. Alba, like her daughter and granddaughter, has a love for grilled cheese sandwiches and telenovelas. She’s a fan of Rogelio De La Vega, and is very welcoming of him into the family when it gets out that he’s Jane’s biological father…….

Michael Cordero, Jr. (Jane The Virgin Characters)

Michael Cordero was the head detective in the hunt for Sin Rostro, a high-profile drug dealer who seems to be based in the Marbella Hotel. He later quits his job to become a lawyer. Initially reluctant to have a baby, he blackmails Petra with knowledge of her affair in Season 1, in the hopes that Jane will not keep the baby if Petra’s marriage to Rafael remains intact.

He later changes his mind and agrees to be part of the baby’s upbringing. Jane and Michael get married in the season two finale and they lived together in a house that Petra paid for without their knowing so when Anezka “turned” for Petra she didn’t know about that and she stop paying and they had to move out for a small house with Mateo. He made Jane happy and made her laugh all the time and he will do anything for her.

He dies in season three by an aortic dissection caused by a gunshot. (seasons 1-3). However, he is seen again and comes back to life in the season 4 finale but he forgot everything because of Rose and his name changed to “Jason” and he lived 3 years in Montana. When he got back to Miami, Jane tried to get his memory back even though she was with Refael.

He wanted to go back to Montana but when he left Jane’s house to tell her bye he had fallen on him a white chrysanthemum peeling from the ceiling and it was like the snow he had kissed Jane a few times and he remembered everything……


Rogelio De La Vega

A self-involved, famous telenovela star and Jane’s biological father. He is trying to gain a relationship with his newly discovered daughter. He also has feelings for Xiomara, who was his girlfriend in high school. He marries Xiomara in the season three finale.

In season 5 he finally achieves his dream of being an American star, and begins filming This is Mars, a remake of The Passions of Santos. He later moves to New York with Xiomara after his co-star, River Fields, moves the show there.

Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano-Villanueva | Jane The Virgin Characters

Jane and Rafael’s child. Named after Jane’s grandfather and Alba’s husband, who died before Jane was born. During the fifth season, Mateo is diagnosed with attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder (ADHD). Mateo was kidnapped by Rose Solano.

Jane The Virgin Characters

Main characters

  1. Jane Villanueva
  2. Xiomara Villanueva
  3. Petra Solano
  4. Rafael Solano
  5. Alba Villanueva
  6. Michael Cordero, Jr.
  7. Rogelio De La Vega
  8. Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano-Villanueva

Recurring characters

  1. Luisa Alver
  2. Rose Solano
  3. Emilio Solano
  4. Magda Andel
  5. Lina Santillan
  6. Nadine Hanson
  7. Frankie and Luca
  8. Lachlan Moore……..

Jane The Virgin CW

Cw is site you can stream all the episodes and seasons of Jane the Virgin. The CW was launched in September of 2006 by CBS and Warner Bros. The “C” stands for CBS and the “W” stands for Warner Bros.  The CW provides programming across the country for the time periods of Monday-Friday at 3:00-4:00pm, Monday-Friday at 8:00p-10:00pm and Saturdays at 7:00a-12:00n.

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