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Download Jane the Virgin season 2 and 1 overview- A comedy-drama following a chaste young woman who is accidentally impregnated via artificial insemination as she struggles to inform her devoutly religious family and make the right choices concerning the child. Based on the telenovela “Juana la virgen.”

Jane the Virgin Season 1

This drama TV series Jane the Virgin season 1 is an adaptation of the popular 2002 Venezuelan telenovela Virgin ( also known as Juana La Virgen ) , whose main character, Jane , is a young and charming girl , but because of her religion is very afraid of love . From a young age , she ‘ d seen a lot of tragedies and failures in the romantic relationships of her loved ones and relatives.

Hardened by the bitter experience of others and her grandmother ‘ s constant reminder that a woman ‘s virginity is the most important thing that a woman should protect , Jane becomes cautious and is always very careful to not fall into temptation .
Eventually when she grows up she becomes engaged , but still chooses to save herself for after marriage .

She has a wonderful life , but is later shocked to hear the news that she is pregnant after attending an appointment for a pap exam . Some time later she finds out that while doing the exam , she was artificiallly inseminated by accident . Things become more complicated after realising the change and must break the news to her fiance .

Original title : Jane the Virgin
Genre : Drama
Directed By : Brad Silberling
Cast : Diane Guerrero , Gina Rodriguez , Priscilla Barnes, Yael Grobglas , Brett Dier , Yara Martinez , Justin Baldoni , Jenna Ortega , Andrea Navedo , Anton Narinskiy , Daniel Messier , Louis Scherschel, Willow Hale , Gigi Peretz , Terry Myers
Country : USA
Original Language : English

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Jane the Virgin Season 2

Jane the Virgin season 2 is a romantic comedy- drama series that is based on Juana la Virge , the Venezuelan telenovela . In the center of the series is a religious young Latina woman Jane Villanueva . She lives and earns her living as all ordinary people bearing one secret – she is a virgin . She gave a vow to save the virginity until the marriage to one detective.

But her life is completely changed by a mistaken doctor’ s insemination of hers during a checkup. The world Of Jane has turned upside down, and now she has to take the difficult decision to deal with the shocked relatives, meet the biological father of the child and to make many more such as two weeks ago , she could not think.

What can be worse than get a child from a married man , who appears to be not only a cancer survivor and former playboy , but also your teenage crush and employer ? On agreeing to help him to carry a baby they both develop feelings for each other .

Original title : Jane the Virgin ( season 2)
Genres : Drama
Original Channel: The CW
Cast : Gina Rodriguez , Yael Grobglas , Justin Baldoni , Brett Dier , Andrea Navedo , Ivonne Col , Jaime Camil
Language : English
Runtime : 60 mins


Trailer Jane the Virgin season 2

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