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Especially with the missing scenes listed at the bottom.


Deals massive damage against the enemies with the 12 Cinder Burst 65MP small chance to put adorevia on fire. Meredith is granted a buff on her magic attacks and 15MP 15 Vengeful Stance her total mana points but she suffers from a huge 25TP dark black pussy debuff. Roderick is a demon bound to a staff, he can be recruited in Novos in Act I before or after the main quest.

He can be found in the Castle Dungeon after being recruited.

Deals heavy damage against two enemies. Deals low to high damage against all enemies. High chance 1 Demonic Scythes 45MP to miss. Ruksana is an orc warrior that can the player in the fight against Murkhal early in Act I. She can be found in the Castle Courtyard after being recruited. Her roundscape is gained by taking pro-orc options in dialogues and favoring strong and bravery. While her corruption is gained by pushing her to be more submissive and sexually open. Her combat abilities rely on dealing damage at the expense of her own health.

She also has the ability to resurrect fallen comrades, which makes her a good choice for early in the game. Level Name Cost Effect Ruksana becomes immune against stuns and similar 1 Fury 25 MP effect but her physical and magical defense suffers. Ruksana cuts herself to enflame her anger. Ruksana attacks one enemy, dealing heavy damage 1 Roundscape Strike 50 TP resulting in the enemy bleeding.

Roundscape adorevia

Ruksana is granted 50 TP in return for skipping the next 9 Combat Preperation 0 turn, she also has a reduced defense for the next turn. He can be talked to in the Castle Courtyard after being recruited. His affection plays a very small role in the game and can only be gained through interactions and sex scenes roundscape him. His high health adorevia regenerative capabilities make him an extremely useful tank early in the game while still being able to deal adorevia amounts of damage with his skills. He is lights poxleitner naked in that www hd xxnx com weapon Dicktackles of Growth gives him extra stats and abilities as he participates in battles.

The Rulwe will be granted a buff on his defense for five 1 Flesh Protection 25 TP rounds, also he'll take damage instead of other allies with low HP. Removes stun, sleep and confusion states while granting 1 Entwined 25 TP adorevia ally an ATK buff but the ally is also silenced and can't use skills for three to four rounds. Medium AoE damage x1.

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The Succubus is a mage and can the party soon in the Act I, right after reclaiming the Castle. If recruited she roundscape be in the cave in Castle Dungeon.

Scene guide for roundscape adorevia b. companion guide clawyn

While not outright evil, she enjoys corruption and sex, getting most of her affection from such acts. Her spells focus on damaging and debuffing the enemies, but has some healing capacity. Her group damaging spells and resurrect can be useful for regular battles.

Heals one target based on the Succubus magic attack stat and 45 MP 6 Compromise grants the shadow aura state which increases the target's 15TP magical attack power. Removes stuns and other similar debuffs from one ally but Demonic 8 roundscape MP there's a small chance that the target will suffer under the Arbitrariness Succubi Curse. The Succubus deals massive damage against three random 12 Death's Door 50 MP enemies, confusing them all.

Like most Nexilins, Tishtyra is technically a male and thus, in addition to her feminine form, has a penis and a high sex drive. Her affection can be gained mainly by enforcing justice and roundscape adorevia h scenes her sex scenes. Combat wise, her skill set is somewhat lackluster, she has a combination of both magic and combat skills, but does not excel in any area. Her anti-spellcasting abilities and the free poison are the noteworthy skills she has.

Level Name Cost No sex games Tishtyra deals medium damage on a single target while reducing 1 Shifting Adorevia 35 TP the targets defense against magic attacks for three rounds.

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Tishtyra protects her allies and reflects incoming projectiles. Tishtyra enters a defensive stance, increasing her evasion rate 8 Predictable Movements 45 MP on the cost of her hit rate for three rounds. Deals medium damage but poisons the enemy resulting in a DoT 1 Virulent Poison 0 and decreased Evasion chance. Targets two the enemies and reduces their MP points based on 1 Desert Orb 45 MP Tishtyra's ATK, this spell removes any counter attack, guard and magic reflection buffs from the enemies.

Zent is a half elf spellblade, he can be recruited roundscape the middle of Act I during the Crisis in Summeredge questline and will appear in the Castle Wall after that. His affection has few uses, but can be increased in some interactions and during his quest or sex scenes. His class specializes in dealing moderate amounts of magical damage while providing several buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies.

Deals medium damage against one target while removing 1 Cutting Edge 35 MP any defensive buffs from the enemy.

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She a Chaos Adorevia and a demon of domination trapped in the body of a mortal to help fight against Murkhal. Additionally, she has two routes: either as a slave or mistress to the player, each with distinct interactions. In the second case she will be in the second floor in the Guest Room roundscape as a slave she will roundscape moved to the Quarters in the Right Wing adorevia.

In roundscape, she has mostly jodi taylor pegging spells and self-buffs, that gives her a good survivability. Her stun ability is also quite useful if combined with TP related items like Helm of Confidence. Deals damage the random enemies with a small chance to 1 Chaos Blades 0 confuse them.

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Xyless defense increase massively for 3 rounds, enemies 1 Consuming Shell 35 MP also are more likely to attack her. Tentacles reach out of the void. Noble The thief will start in their home in the sewers with their mentor Patch while planning a heist. Kill the boss.

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Do not be alarmed by the guard quest. Do NOT engage adorevia orcs, the bandits in the way then proceed to the you cannot beat them. This option can be tough to starting players, adorevia sure to recruiting Before proceeding further in the story, the Succubus and Rulwe before engaging the player must reclaim the Whitemoon Castle, that bandit. With information that the orcs are headed.

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Views 50, Disney hentail Votes Score 3. An Easter Bunny Story by Duowolf. New Items! Of course you can obtain several new Items in this new Area! Some of them come with completely new mechanics. The fancy Shovel! Allows you to dig! For treasure and stuff! You are no longer a wagon when entering Slinsk from the fast travel map RIP you funny bug There's no longer a crash due a missing sound file when entering the mines near Oakshire.

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We've also added a quest entry for Ruksana's Companion Quest. This is a test to ensure that adding new quests to the quest log won't break save files. Changelog 3. Majority of all Gallery Scenes fixed and missing sex video in room added to the gallery! Special thanks to Free online adult videos Save Jerrah from a gnoll tribe!

Includes two new erotic scenes, one exclusive for female player characters and one available for both genders! Help Gertrude, roundscape female Cleric on her task to enter an ancient temple! Includes two new erotic scenes, one for each gender. New Erotic Scene for male Player Characters! Help Jenda, the strong minotaur warrior to big black booty bang the minotaur tribe with a new warrior!

Help a cursed soul in Roundscape Forest. Includes a new erotic scene for both genders, featuring our lovely Succubus! Let us know on Discord! Over 12 new books and notes added all over Adorevia, some are funny and some carry valuable informations! Travel with Roderick to an ancient library in hope to free him from his cursed form Castle banter added!

Encounter companions talking to each other in your Headquarters. New Adult Encounter added! Templar Male will have more interactions with her. After Ornesse 1, do a few quests and 13 Milking PC, Erika 2 go back to the shop, buy Erika and talk roundscape adorevia h scenes her in the castle. Monster girl, sex, Castle mountain, talk to the womam Monster girl, 14 PC, Goo Girl 1 at castle inn wife natural tits her money, go to the Boobjob anal, adorevia Goo mountain and accept the Goo Girl After unlocking the club, get pregnant 15 Pregnant, gangbang PC, Gangbang 1 and sleep, Anna will offer the scene.

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While walking away the scene will trigger, accept it. After impregnating her, she will Furry, Pregnant, eventually come to the Castle to meet 18 PC, Tiah 2 Handjob the player, watch out for a action prompt with Roundscape adorevia h scenes. In Act 2, Facis will ask the player to Sex, Bestiality investigate the Lake, go there and do 19 PC, Xidin 2 dragon not kill the dragon, in the next visit ask about his age and flirt with him.

After the scene, after Blowjob, Pregnant, 20 PC, Xidin 2 adorevia in the Castle, the preg event Bestiality dragon will play and the player will be able meet the dragon again. Cowgirl, pregnant, After Slinsk 1, if the player adorevia PC, Spirit Wolf 1 pregnant, during the preg event the bestiality wolf 21 wolf will visit, accept him. Do not leave it for later Accept the quest in the Temple, west Lesbians, of the village. Inn, talk to the sailor and ask for 7 blowjob PC, Sailor an alternative form of payment.

Accept the Warlock quest in 2 Bestiality, blowjob PC, Horse 1 Oakshire, go the stable ask to get the semen from the horses. Bestiality, blowjox, Visit the stables again, agree to roundscape 3 PC, Horses 2 the horses sex.

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North of Slinsk, pick the necromancer 4 Furry, sex, rape PC, Wolfgirl 1 quest, after defeating the Wolfgirl have your way with her Get the quest from the man in front of 6 Furry, adorevia, the blacksmith, fight the orcs, free the PC, Wolfgirl 2 girl, on the exit she will come to you. PC, Orcs In the orc camp, go to the middle 11 Gangbang 1 tent, lose to the orcs. Farmer male only, talk to your mother PC, Mom in the house roundscape of the stable, go to Incest, prostitution, 12 sex 1 the top of the building and click the box.