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  • Years:
  • 22
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  • Nigerian
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  • I’ve got cold gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Fem
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Please go through the first story to understand the background. Once I had received the message I was at the top of the world and had already started planning on execution. I was really happy to explore the new world and was hardly able to concentrate on the work. I was all the time focusing on the clock to make a move to home as soon as the day ends. Every second was hard to pass by. Eventually, the office hours were completed and I hurried back to the home.

As soon as I reached home and rang the bell, Vibha opened the door and sex stories completed was looking gorgeous. She was dressed in a black nighty and she was looking like a model. Let me describe her assets, she had curvy boobs and butts. Her breasts were firm and her vital assets were 34,26,34 not the ideal one but still not less than a model. What would you like to do with it?

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She understood and stood and came again with a bucket of water. She removed my shoes and socks and then dipped my feet in the bucket filled with warm water. She washed the feet and then started licking them with her mouth. She then sucked my toe and every finger and licked my feet clean and remained in that state kneeling down. So far I was too happy that she is taking this very seriously but that was the start and wanted to check further. I asked her to stand up and turn around so that her butts were right in front of me. I scanned her legs to sex stories completed if there were any hairs but looks like she has taken care of them and had to get them waxed.

I then asked her to bend at 90 degrees so that her butts are more revealed and I can check her pubic hairs. I lifted her nighty slightly to get a good view of her butts and pussy. But find the first mistake of her as she was wearing a panty though it was fabulous rules are rules.

Hearing this she was a little upset with herself and she started apologizing. Seeing this, I gave her a tight slap on her naked butts.

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She almost had a sound of pain coming out of her mouth but she somehow controlled it. I told that she deserves a punishment and asked her to bring a scissor. She started walking towards the kitchen. I said on all fours which she understood and crawled down to the kitchen. She took the scissors in her mouth and then crawled back to her master.

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I asked her to be back in the same position which she was in a couple of minutes before. Which she understood and bend at 90 degrees to reveal her beautiful butts.

I lifted the nighty up and moved my fingers inside to pull the panty a little out and then cut it. Her panty was torn into pieces and she was naked from the bottom.

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Now was the time for the punishment. I then started spanking her ass cheeks one by one and asked her to count it till With every spank, her ass was getting red and I loved this view. Once that was over I gave her hand spanking for 10 more spanks and her ass has now started showing few marks. I told her to get up and she thanked me for the punishment.

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I then asked her to lay down on the sofa to check her pubic hairs but they seem to have been taken care of. I asked her if she had prepared the food to which she nodded yes. I asked her to put the food on the dining table to which she replied that she needs to prepare chapattis as she wanted me to enjoy them hot and fresh. I nodded her to go ahead and by that time I would be getting fresh. She went to the kitchen to prepare chapattis.

I returned after some time. Since her nightie was very much transparent, I was able to see her curves. This made me little horny and I walked back to her and started pressing her boobs and then slightly moved my fingers near her pussy. I asked her to keep continuing and not to stop at any point in time. She was busy with her work and I was with mine. I was massaging her pussy and butts.

I grabbed and pressed her boobs so tightly that she was unable to control and started to plead to stop. I said that this was her punishment to stop working and since she has made another mistake of asking the master to stop, she would be punished twice. I asked her to continue preparing the food and started fingering her pussy. It was getting difficult for her to work and at the same time enjoy but she for some reason was able to control.

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As I increased my speed, her moaning also increased. The environment was getting more romantic. As she was just reaching the point of climax, I withdrew my finger and she was left as it is. The shape of the chapatti was never less than any country map. With all these, she had an urge to pee and started walking towards the bathroom.

I stopped and told him point 6 according to which she cannot pee without her master permission. She apologized but she had earned another punishment and which was that she had to pee standing with her legs ing each other so that her legs are soaked with her pee. She understood and had gone to the bathroom. She stood in the bathroom with legs very close to each other and started peeing and her whole legs got filled with their pee.

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I told her that she would not clean her legs and will remain like this for the whole night. She understood and came out on all fours. I asked her to put the dinner on the table and asked only to bring one plate. I ate my dinner and she ate in the same plate after me. It was now her time for the punishment. I asked her to remove her nighty and now she was only her in fabulous bra. I asked her to remove that as well and she was now completely nude. Her tits and pussy were so sexy. I was losing my control but I had to punish before banging her.

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I tied her hands back with a rope and asked her to stand with her boobs touching the wall and placed two coins between sex stories completed boobs and the wall. I told her that if the coin gets dropped she would need to stand like this for the whole night. I took a flogger and started beating her butts which were already red. So I put her bra in her mouth and continued. I hit 50 strokes and now her ass was dark red. The coins were still in place so at least she had a sigh of relief. I asked her to turn around and then started hitting her boobs.

To make it more difficult, I put the nipples clip on her tits and then again started hitting her on boobs. This was really making it difficult for her but I knew I was not hitting so hard. So she managed to bear 50 spankings but by that time they were quite red. So I thought to punish her in other ways. Since it was a long time I had not pee, my bladder was full by now. I wanted to go to the washroom but I took her with me and gave the golden shower on her whole body except her mouth and asked her not to clean herself.

I brought her again to the living room.

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I asked her to lay down on a bench and then lighted a few candles.

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I am Nisarg from Ahmedabad.


Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback.