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Tamilrockers is an Indian website that offers Tamil HD movies and also torrent mp3 songs for users to download from at no cost. This website offers a full variety of movies you can download from. Furthermore, movies on this platform are copyright protected and there is no form of registration or sign up. This website also supports pause and resume capacity mainly for users downloading a lot of movies.
In this article , I will show you how to download Tamilrockers HD movies.

On this website, there are different categories of contents you can choose from.

Dear friends Salman Khan’s latest movie Bharat has been leaked by the Tamilrockers website. Actually, the Tamilrockers website leaked Bharat on the next day of release.

It was assuming that this film will not perform best due to the world cup 2019. As many cricket lovers will escape going to the cinema to watching Bharat. And Tamilrockers is also banned in India as it leaks pirated movies.

But in the World Cup, India did not give a huge shock to the movie as much as the Tamilrockers gave it. Tamilrockers have beaten the complete battle and defeated the Cricket world cup.

Some people are busy watching the cricket world cup and rest are watching movies after downloading it from Tamilrockers and Tamilrasigan website.

Bharat First Day Earning Before Leaked By Tamilrockers

Before leaked by Tamilrockers Bharat movie earn 42.3 Crore Indian rupees. Actually, Bharat was released on 4700 screens in all over India and almost on 1700 screens outside India.

And these earnings are very low compared to last time. We can assume that there is a difference from the World Cup, but not so much that a film is earning only 40 crores instead of earning 100 crores.

So this is thinkable because of our government and all antipiracy cell are currently active on all torrent websites. In India, nobody can access any pirated websites like Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, and Tamilrasigan.

But besides this Movies are repeatedly leaked by Tamilrockers and World4ufree and 300MB movies. This is very thinkable and ridiculous.

Tamilrockers Website List Information

Tamilrockers complete the website list which was used for Tamil Movie Download, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Madrasi movies. Recently Tamilrockers leaked many big-budget movies recently.

List of Leaked Movies is given below:

  • Captain Marvel,
  • Zero, ( Shahrukh Khan)
  • Simba, (Ranveer Singh Sara Ali Khan)
  • 2.0, (Rajnikant Akshay)
  • Kaala, (Rajnikant)
  • Thugs of Hindustan, ( Amirkhan, Amitabh Bachchan)
  • KFG Chapter 1 Super Satr Yashi

Tamil rockers website is leaking movies back to back and regularly ignoring the High Court Order.

As per the record received from Google Trends when some new movie released people start searching online to download it for free.

Tamil Rockers is getting almost 11100000 visitors per month. And these members become active when a new movie released.

TamilRockers Leaked Mr. Local Full Tamil Movie Download in HD

Hello friends according to the latest news published on the mirror .com website Tamilrockers leaked Mr. Local Full Tamil Movie Download in HD quality.

Acter and Actress of Mr. Local Tamil Movies leaked by Tamilrockers are Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara. Before this Tamil rockers leaked 100, Key and John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum in HD quality.

They share an official download link on their Twitter profile. Thus, the film producer has suffered a lot of loss due to downloading a Tamil movie.

Although the performance of this movie is not so good here, the film has been criticized a lot but this is another matter.

In the story of this movie, Sivakarthikeyan is a lover of the sports and Nayanthara is a very big businesswoman and the entire story of the film ends on both of them.

But the director believes that this movie is a very big film made by him. In making this, the director Rajesh has to spend a lot of time and hard work has to be done.

But this is not the new thing done by any film producer. Here one thing is notable that Tamilrockers, Moviesda, Tamilgun, etc websites provide these movies in HD quality within 2-4 days.

It’s not surprising, I am thinking about how they can provide Tamil Movies Download in HD Quality in a very short time.

So may some people selling them Tamil Movie Download in HD quality original file or they are hacking it. Whatever the reason but it should be eliminated very soon.

Court ordered many times to completely shut down these torrent websites. As per the known records, there are almost 20000 websites running illegally and providing pirated Tamil, Telegu, Bhojpuri, Kannada, And Hindi movies for free downloading.

There are multiple orders issued by Chennai and Madras high court in 2018 and 2019 to shut down these Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Tamilrasigan, Moviesda like websites.

What is Tamilrockers, Moviesda, Tamilgun?

Tamilrockers is a popular pirated Tamil movie download website. Tamil Rockers website is illegally promoting pirated movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English. Many people are using this Tamilrockers website for pirated movies, TV shows, Music and videos.

Some people started the Tamil Rockers .com website in 2011. But running such a pirated website is a very big legal offense. Due to being less popular at first, the legal team could not take action against Tamilrockers, Moviesda, Tamilrasigan.

On March 15, last year, 3 people who run Tamil Movie Download website Tamil Rockers were arrested. One of them was the owner of the website.

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Tr Rockers, Tamil Rockers, Tamil Rockers com, Tamil Rockers in, Tamil Movie Download information is given below.

How Tamilrockers Share Copyright Material?

Magnet link and torrent file are used to share copyright material on this moviesda, Tamilgun, Tamilrasigan website. These people use peer to peer file sharing option for their users.

P2p technology works in a manner similar to the decentralized platform. If the government banned something then Only payment and file can be transferred using peer to peer method.

All cryptocurrency traders use this method for accepting cross-border payment of cryptocurrency trading. As cryptocurrency trading is illegal in India.

Wikipedia Article Source 

How Tamilrockers, Moviesda, Tamilrasigan Work?

When a movie of a popular movie star is released, this website uploads a pirated copy of that movie to its site.

And those who don’t want to spend money in theaters, download it from Tamilrockers website which causes huge money to lose to film producers. It is a very bad thing.

These people paid for the persons who provide the recorded movie to upload. Actually, they have a very big network to offer content to them and they send payment by P2P system.

And a lot of people continue to work this type of greed for money.

Ethical Hackers Views on Tamilrockers, Moviesda, Tamilgun, Tamilrasigan, Tamil Movie Downloading Sites

Due to heavy money loss and other problems creating by Tamil rockers, the government wants to block it completely.

Tamil film producers are trying to ban it completely but they register it again and again. And This Tamil rockers website’s domain name is registered with another country.

To host a free website, a mobile number and email ID are required, on the basis of which the registers can be traced.

But here people use fake mobile numbers and fake email id, which makes it very difficult to catch them.

What Action Can Be Taken as Per Ethical Hacker?

If we can not ban any website then they can put a lot of restrictions on it. And this restriction can be of great help to film producers too.

The speed of any website can be greatly reduced by these restrictions. Suppose a movie takes 10 minutes to download, you can extend it to 2 to 3 days.

You can reduce the number of users on the website. Let’s download 100% of the movie on the website in 1 day, then you can reduce this number to 5 to 10.

But here some different coding cannot be implanted because the coding is the same for them all.

If we appeal to shut down this type of website internationally, it can prove to be of great benefit. Source Article Link From Behindwoods.com

Tamilrockers Latest News 5 April 2019


Tamil Film Producers Council President and Actor Vishal demanded the Chief Minister of Chennai to take concrete steps about Tamilrocks, Moviesda, Tamilrasigan and all other this type of websites.

Vishal says that if the government wants this kind of website can be completely banned.

Source Link: Times of India

Who is Taking Action Against Such Websites? 11 March 2019 news

A whole group of people has been arrested by the police. As per officials, this group was involved in the uploading of pirated movies of different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, and others.

Likewise, An anti-piracy cell is organized by the government who is actively tracking such kind of activities to remove piracy from the film industry.

Anti-piracy cell believes that these people are changing a lot of domains to avoid being caught.

Due to changing domain names, it is also difficult to trace them.

Recently Used Domain By TamilRockers Website

  • Tamilrockers .cc (From Mar 7).
    Tamilrockers .to (From Apr 20).
    Tamilrockers .be (From Jul 6).
    Tamilrockers .pm (From Jul 28).
    Tamilrockers .ws (From Aug 11).
    Tamilrockers .lu (From Sep 6).
    Tamilrockers .la (From Sep 27).
    Tamilrockers .ac (From Nov 25).

Reported Domains Used By Tamil Rockers Website

  • Tamilrockers .by
    Tamilrockers .hn
    Tamilrockers .cl
    Tamilrockers .mu
    Tamilrockers .ph
    Tamilrockers .gd
    Tamilrockers .vc, gy, .cl, .gs, .li
    Tamilrockers .st
    Tamilrockers.ro, .com, .net, .tv, .ax
    Tamilrockers-s. co

The above information was taken from the Times article in the Times of India and I have given the following link to this article.

Source Article Times of India

Based on the above information you can see how active these people are and how often they change their domain name.

And this is not the only website in the whole country that provides pirated movies. If you search, you will find a set like this website that uploads illegally pirated material.

This causes huge economic losses to our Bollywood and other filmmakers.  As per keyword planner data, Tamilrockers has monthly 11,100,000 unique visitors.

Suppose these visitors download 1 movie and the cost of that movie was minimum Rs-120/.

Then the Tamil filmmakers have to wear a loss of 11,100,000X120 =1,33,20,00,000 INR. It’s really a big amount.


As a User Should We download Pirated Movies from moviesda and other sites?

I would like to say that we should not use this kind of website.

The pirated movie downloading is a big loss to filmmakers, but this website is also not safe for users.

As we know, This type of website is created to earn money wrongly. And you should never forget that we need to create an account on these Tamil movie download websites to download Tamil rockers movie.

The details of our Google Account can also go to the websites where we are not signed in.

Likewise, This type of website contains many dangerous viruses that can steal your personal information.

If you keep your personal account login your browser then your account information can also be stolen.

When your Google Account is hacked, the chances of getting all your bank details and other personal data stolen are greatly increased.

So it is clearly proven that we should not use this type of website in view of our security.

Because one can steal your personal information for a few bucks and sell it to someone and instead you may have to suffer a huge loss.

Tamil rockers

Benefits of Watching Movie in Theaters Tamil Rockers


We all should watch the movie in cinemas. All filmmakers pay taxes to the government if we look at the movie in the cinema house then our country will get huge financial help.

In cinemas, you get to see the movie in a perfect HD quality and you can feel it completely.

While the print of pirated movie is very useless. You do not even understand the story correctly.

In the pirated movie, the print quality is poor and there is also a lot of noise. These movies are recorded by different people by phone from the cinema so their video quality is also very poor.

Tamil rockers and Tamilgun websites are doing damage to film producers.

Tamilrockers: Moviesda Members of Piracy Cell Arrested

Sources have revealed that an anti-piracy cell has exposed the international gang that uploaded the movie on the Tamil Rockers website.

According to sources, the first anti-piracy cell tracked the gang uploading the movie illegally by satellite.

And later they were arrested and put in jail. Tamil Rockers and many other movie downloading websites like this are very popular.

Most people depend on these pirated websites to watch the movie. More recently, the Tamil Rockers website had taken the Kabali movie and after that, the movie like Kanchana 3 was also leaked and uploaded to the website.

TFPC Anti Piracy Cell Banned 8000 Links

Dear friends recently TFPC Anti Piracy Cell recently banned 8000 links and this news was released by the TFPC anti-piracy cell on its official Twitter handle.

And the Most important thing is this that some people of us report to TFPC for these circulating links on a different website like moviesda 2018, Tamilgun, Tamilrasigan.

So it’s amazing that people are showing interest in exposing tamilrockers.com like websites. Our society is growing in such activities.

Likewise, now that time is not far when people will be able to stop all these torrent websites.

Banned Website Like Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Tamilrasigan, Madrasrockers.

TFPC antipiracy cell recently confirms officially that it has banned many websites which were involved in pirated content uploading activity.

I am sharing a complete list of these website banned by the government with the help of TFPC.

  • moviesda.site
  • Tamilrockers.to
  • SouthFreak.site
  • TamilGun.site
  • Seploan.site
  • Tamilmovieskit.site
  • Domovies.eu

Avengers Endgame Leaked By TamilRockers

There is the latest news from twitter that Tamil movie Download website released Avengers endgame movie. Friends this news is published on TamilRockers Place Chennai twitter account.

Avengers Endgame leaked info was published on Twitter on 11 May 2019. And this is not the only one moviesda 2018 among all cinema release.

On 25 May 2019 Tamil Movie Download updated new website link on their Twitter profile. Actually, these people update their new domain on their new account and people get access to their new website.


Tamilrockers 2019 Movies Categories

These are categories in this site:

  • Tamil 2019 Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Movies
  • Tamil 2015 Movies
  • Tamil 2014 Movies
  • Tamil 2013 Movies
  • English Movies (Tamil Dubbed)
  • English Movies (Only Eng)
  • Tamil Star Collection
  • Tamil A To Z Movies
  • Requested Movies
  • Request Your Movies Here

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Tamilrockers Movies Download | Tamilrockers Movies 2019 Steps

Follow these steps in order to download tamilrocker 2018 movies. But before you do that, ensure that  you have the following:

  • An Android phone or PC computer
  • An active Internet subscription plan
  • A browser ( Operamini, Uc browser, Chrome. etc). Uc browser is preferable.
  • Lastly, follow the steps below
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Now let’s move on

  • Firstly, open your browser and visit tamilrockers-s.co website
  • Then click on the category you wish to download from
  • On the next page, click on your the movie you want to download
  • Next, select the format you want.
  • Next, click on’ Go to download page’.
  • Lastly, select the server you want to download from.


To work on the website Like TamilGun is illegal. An anti-piracy cell is actively working on illegal activities regarding Tamil movie download and Tr rockers Malayalam, moviesda 2018.

Many people have been arrested which were involved in such activities. It is now the last hope for the government to ban these Tamilrockers latest URL.

Because these people are quite intelligent and can hack every single technology.

This website transfers files and money by using p2p technology and can not be traced due to being degraded.

Our developers should develop new technology to reduce this kind of illegal activity. These Tamil movie download website also violates copyright policies.

These Tamil movie download websites also have very dangerous viruses that can harm our system. It is unsafe to use these websites here but our personal information can also be stolen.

Recently people are looking for Tamilrockers latest, Tamilrockers website, Tamilrockers website URL, moviesda, Tamilgun, Tamilrockers twitter, Tamilrockers latest URL, Tamilrockers HD, Tamilrockers Malayalam. Tamilrockers is no more.

Source: https://satendrasaini.com

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