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  • Years old:
  • 61
  • What is my gender:
  • Lady
  • Hair color:
  • I've coarse silvery hair
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Diving


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Play Tentacles Thrive Alpha!

The Ouideo is a master of transformation. In order to attract prey or cruel enemies looking to punish the weak, it poses as a helpless little creature with big, innocent eyes.

But once the foe has been lulled into a false sense of security, the sly monster will reveal its festering mass of tentacles that were ly hidden under its fur. Beautiful and timid, the deep jungle is where this tentacle lives.

Easily leaping from tree to tree to escape predators, this creature has a special surprise in store for anyone who can gain its trust. Dextrous and mobile, the tentacle will ripple this tail to great effect, almost providing a form of hypnosis. Indeed, it uses the same hypnotic display when escaping potential predators.

Using its bright colors to distract and bedazzle, before leaping away. Likewise, mating with this one involves a complex.


The desert. A cave of sand, the Myrmidons castle. Carefully fashioned, grain by grain, a wonder to behold. Here the creature brings its victims.

Or those it wishes to court. Treasures beyond compare it keeps, hoarded from across the land.

To its chosen mate, it will offer these as gifts, in the hope of reciprocative copulation. But beware the inner lion. If kindness fails, then you may find it very difficult to climb free of the Myrmidons lair. Sand, after all, is a fickle medium.

Predator or prey, they quickly tired in the heat. Sliding backward, into the arms of an ardent lover.

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Swamps are where this one calls home. The more fetid and foul the better. Having lived in these dank places all its life, this tentacle certainly does not smell of roses. Pretending to be one with the surrounding swamp, until someone or thing stumbles into its embrace. Once triggered, it swallows its prey whole. In the case of food, this means a slow digestion.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But, if the creature is after something more carnal, then the victim can expect a long and sensual engagement. Scorching sun, baked earth, and sand whipped into a twirling frenzy. Thus, the Bopbo comes. A helix?

A spiral? With constant motion, its form is almost impossible to determine. Careful be, lest you find yourself bound, lashed, mated.

Tentacles thrive

Though it would not see efficient as a form of motion, the Bopbo uses it to great effect. However, with harsh surroundings comes a harsher attitude. Though, with arrogance, comes a flaw to be used. For this one does not see much water. Provide it that, and you may find yourself a powerful ally. The Inuax possesses a rather rare trait among Tentacle Monster species, a strong sense of duty and honor.

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These slow-moving creatures are natural leaders and prefer to assume positions of support for their fellow kin. They have even been observed aiding and guiding other species. Their honorable nature extends to their mating practices as well.

Inuax has a very nutrient dense saliva which they feed to their mates through intense kissing sessions. The Inuax are native to mountains with temperate climates. The Moth is among the most coveted of all Tentacle Monster species due to the quality of their skin. Silk-like and durable, Moth Skins make the most fantastic clothes. Part of why this species is most desired is the relative infrequency it sheds its skin.

These creatures molt very rarely, not even once a year. Even more so, these creatures can only be found on cold mountain tops. They are rare, nocturnal, and highly prized. What is smearing? Smearing is a multitude of techniques used in animation to bridge two or more frames to create the illusion of motion through methods like blurring, warping, distortion, and a few others.

It looks like it can definitely use some extra information to convey the motion of the sword. This is where we starting thinking about how to smear the object s.

This one is really common and it can be executed in different ways. I really like this type of smearing, even though it still lacks some of the motion that the first iteration lacked. The speedlines really add character to the motion that would otherwise be missing in a normal warp, but I still needed that smear to bring it to the point where it needed to be.

Motion blurring is really powerful as well. Film uses it all the time, as does 2d animation. Notice the force of the impact being pronounced with the added blur at the head.

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There are a few other smears I thought were interesting because it just speaks to the way our brain interprets these frames without even considering the logical implications of the individual frames. The guy has a knob for a hand. It just has to look good. Posts Likes Following Archive.

Recently Liked. I wanted to start of with a fresh animation to demonstrate some movements. Not the best execution, but for our purposes I think it works well.

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