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Wapday.com is one of the best websites to download mobile themes, mobile videos (including comedies), wallpapers, games, animations to your android phones, Nokia phones and Blackberry all for FREE. Also, games lovers can also get game cheats from the site. You can use the search box on the “games cheats” page, to easily get the cheats for your favorite games. The featured wapday games are also interesting and easy to play.

Wapday.com also features some cool mobile services which include: language translatorcurrency converterfood recipesfamous quotesfun facts etc. The site is quite loaded.

Visit http://wapday.com with your mobile phone to start exploring the free content.

For the game lovers who enjoy exploring games. Have you always thought of where you could download amazing games like highway racers vs police cars, GunShip battle, helicopter 3D, Pes, RealFootball, Street Fighter and a host of more amazing games for your android, iOS, Java or symbian mobile device? Wapday.com has got it all in stock for you and as a matter of fact, I just downloaded highway racers vs police cars on my android tablet from the site with ease and I must confess, the game is pretty interesting even though am no longer a game lover.

Wapday has got different interface for different devices. If using a java or symbian mobile device, you’d get a different interface compared to if using an android browser or PC.

Wapday Free Android Market

Don’t get it twisted. Its an android market basically for android devices which provides all you need ranging from games, apps, wallpapers and more. It isn’t the Google Play store but more of its file, when clicked on the Download buttons, refers you to Google Play store app on your android phone.

You can access the free wapday android market directly by visiting android.wapday.com. That site is basically for android phones and tablets and not for other devices or operating systems.

Wapday Themes Download Tips

To download free themes at wapday, click on the “Personalization” and “Tools” sub-categories under the “Android Apps” category on the sidebar. Thereafter, you will be able to download free themes of your choice by scanning QR code or by downloading them directly from the Google play store.

I recommend UC browser for downloading content to your mobile phone.

Feel free to bookmark the site on your phone for easy access. I am sure you gonna love it.

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